Naturally Raised

Over seventy years, our family has worked to provide the best naturally raised beef.

No Growth Hormones, No antibiotics, No Steroids.   Each animal receives it's basic inoculations for disease and that's it!   We will never use steroids or growth hormones in our animals.

Whether it is drinking crystal clear water from our spring or creek, or grazing away on grass in and from our pastures, our animals live the herd life.   They get daily attention, and treats addition to pasture grass. Cow Cake (A concentrated cattle feed, like a biscuit or hard block, usually made up of various seeds and high in protein. Some common ingredients are linseed, cottonseed, rapeseed, canola, soy). We may also add a little mix of cracked-corn, oats and barley (COB) in the winter months.

I guess the best way to explain it, is... We love our animals.  There is not a day when we are not out with our animals.  We love to live the herd life.


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