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For over seventy years, our family has run these farms, producing high quality, rangeland raised, natural beef and livestock products.  Our prized Natural Wagyu beef and famous Angus are available direct to you, in small portions, bundles, halves, whole and our famous "Wangyus Bundle" (Wagyu Steaks and Ground and Angus Steaks and Ground mixed bundle).

With quick, easy online ordering, or you can use the old fashioned way and just call us, we will promptly pack and ship your order in an insulated, ice packed, carton.  Ensuring that you are getting the freshest, farm direct beef you can get.  Order some steaks today!

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Animal health

At Triple Heartland Farms, we love our animals and it shows. 365 days a year, our staff and family are checking on, tending to, working with and maybe even hand feeding our animals. It is not uncommon to find a family member out 'Cow Talkin' with one of the herds.

We Love our Animals

Land health

By proper land management, grazing and crop farming, we do our best to continually stride to reduce stress on the environment. The feed for our animals comes from dryland farming, no irrigation, only mother nature. No fertilizers. No Pesticides. We continually rotate our animals around our fields, to ensure the grazing is not overburdening on the field.

We practice sustainable farming.

Food quality

Our animals receive their basic inoculations for preventative sickness, but never any growth hormones, steroids, or implants. We strive to remain as Natural as possible with our free range animals.

No Hormones...